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October 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandmama!!

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July 17, 2011

Bike Race in Evanston

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There was a Bike Race in Evanston today – an annual event, daddy said. We caught a bit of it after church.

Here they come!

July 11, 2011

Carillon Concert

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We took grandpapa and grandmama to a Carillon Concert at Chicago Botanic Gardens. These concerts happen only in the summer. I’ve been to one before with daddy. This time, we got to go with everyone! I had so much fun playing with grandmama at the lawn during the concert.

Grandma and the Carillon

Grandma enjoying her solitude

The sun is setting...

Here I come... hehehe

No more peace and quiet for grandma

Look, there's the moon

Love you, grandma

Let's take a walk


I run like the wind

My Grandmama and I

Grandpapa and daddy sat as concert goers should sit


I'm back!

Goodnight, Carillon!

February 4, 2011

Exploring the aftermath of a blizzard…

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A blizzard swept the Chicagoland on the first day of Chinese New Year. It was quite an ordeal for daddy to have to dig out the cars from under mountains of snow. Still, we took the opportunity to have some fun out!

"First, we had to dig a path through the front yard..."

"I'm still on it!"

"Almost there!"

"How did we do, daddy?"

"Good job, Micah!"

"Next, we work on the cars".

November 14, 2010

Anticipating Christmas

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"I'm a good helper!"

"Ah, look at this one!"


March 25, 2010

Creative Play at Home

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Baby writes:

Here's my little cocoon...!

“Mommy, see! I made a burger!”


March 21, 2010


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Mum writes:

With on-going renovation in the house, we decided to celebrate Micah’s birthday this year in a quiet way. We made sure, however, that we give our full attention to the little guy on the day with absolutely no schedule.

There is no better way to begin this special day than to meet with grandpapa and grandmama in Kuala Lumpur over Skype! Micah was warmly greeted by grandpa, grandma and aunty Sue Ching as he ate his breakfast. Then we headed to church for regular Sunday service. On the way back, we picked up the birthday cake from an European patisserie which we visit only on very special occasions.

Had the cake after a simple lunch at home (pictures below). After Micah’s afternoon nap, we bundled up and headed to a playground. We actually let Micah stayed for as long as he liked, for a change. After dinner, we went on Skype again, this time to meet with wai-kong and wai-puo, Micah’s maternal grandparents.

It was an intimate family day. Micah went to bed very calm and contented. For once, he was happy to retire for the day. There was no stalling, and therefore no reminder or persuasion needed. What a wonderful day, for all of us. Happy Birthday, dear Micah. What an amazing two years we have had, as we saw and experienced His Grace and Faithfulness in our family life. Praise You LORD, and to You be the glory…!

Baby writes:

"Micah's lunch is all done. Waiting for Micah's birthday cake... . Mm..."

"Thomas the tank engine Birthday Cake! Thank you Wai-Kong and Wai Puo. Micah likes it!" (Gift from maternal grandparents)

"Lights...! Candle lights"

"Yay! Nice!"

"Picture with mommy."

"Micah is TWO YEARS OLD!!"


"Micah's blowing the candles... Ph...!"

"Another one..."

"Almost there...!"

One more picture of the cake before slicing it up!

"Thomas tank engine - Micah press, choo-choo!" (Right after that, Micah added, "It doesn't make any sound. It's a picture!")


"Hm, yummy!"

"LORD, ..."

PS. (mum writes) – Just as we were happily eating away, with a sparkle in his eyes and a big smile, Micah put his hands together and started praying and thanking God… (Probably embarrassed by the fact that we as parents had forgotten to pray for him, we couldn’t recall exactly what he said, other than the word “LORD” thrown in somewhere in his sentences). This picture was taken just as he started “praying”. Amazed and stunned, daddy and I looked at each other. “He is praying…!” I dropped the camera and joined daddy as he led us in a prayer of blessings for our precious cutie pie who turned TWO today…!

Wai-Kong playing "Happy Birthdy song" four times for Micah over Skype (on the violin, erhu, gu-chen, and piano).

January 24, 2010

“Thomas tank engine – Grandmama bought it!”

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Mom writes:

Now that Micah can pretty much communicate any message quite clearly in words, it makes more sense to let him “writes” his own blog! So here it goes:

Baby writes:

“Go go, Thomas; Thomas Number 1…” (song)

Hi everybody, see Micah’s New Toy! Choo-choo train, Thomas tank engine!

Thank you, Grandmama! Micah likes it very much!

May 10, 2009

Micah Sleeping

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Dad writes:

It has been a while since I last checked on Micah while he’s sleeping. Recently, I had to go wake him up from an afternoon nap once to go someplace. I expected him to wake up as soon as I walked into his room like he usually does, but this time he didn’t…

Since we hardly ever see him like this, I figured this would be a good time to get a picture.   He’s so cute when he’s asleep.


Micah Sleeps

Micah Sleeps

February 5, 2009

Two Very Special Visitors!

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Baby writes:

Two very special people came to see us last week from California – aunty Christine and Jonathan di di (little brother). Aunt Christine was probably one of the very first people to ever know about me – as early as during the first weeks mommy and daddy knew I was on my way! Mom said aunt Christine and family (uncle MJ, Joey ge ge and Rohan ge ge) used to live in Evanston and moved to the west coast only very recently. How they have been watching over mommy and I ever so closely like a family even from across the miles! And guess what? Aunt Christine began to carry Jonathan di di right around the same time mommy was having me in the tummy! (Jonathan di di is just 3 weeks younger than me). Shall I say, Jonathan and I are almost like twins!! It was such a happy week when I get to meet with them at last!

Hey, meet my buddy!

Thank you aunt Christine and Jonathan di di for making the trip to see us. We love you, and we hope to see you again soon!

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