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November 20, 2010

Leading up to 32m…

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Mum writes:

Micah continues to be full of fun and mischief. He likes to insist on speaking only complete sentences (e.g., “Would you mind if I turn on this light?”) and a constant fascination with words / expressions (e.g., “This is the bee’s knees!”). Some recent top moments that really cracked us up:

1. Looking out of the window at the rain, “Oh, it’s raining, it’s raining cats and dogs!”

2. Caught a toy that was rolling off the table and yelled, “I caught it in the nick of time!”

3. Climbing on the slopes at the playground, he toppled and almost fell. I ran over, “Micah, are you alright?”. Micah replied, “Yes (with a little giggle), I just lost my balance”.

4. Daddy made a vehicle for Micah using K’nex pieces. Micah brought it to daddy and requested, “Shall we attach a steering wheel to this car, daddy? (pointing to the center front of car interior)” Daddy thought it a great idea, and added the steering wheel (Here’s a picture – before it gets “re-modified”).

5. At a store, a fellow customer explained to us that she was gathering pieces to make a wreath. Before I even got around to respond, Micah, with dropped jaw, cheerfully exclaimed, “How fun!”

6. Strolling along the aisles at another store, Micah and I chatted casually, making small comments on Christmas items on shelves. Suddenly I remembered that he’s only 2 years old, I turned and looked at him, probably looking a little surprised. Micah looked back, and with a giggle, “I sounded like a grown up!”

7. Found a watch I no longer wear, put it on and said, “Look, I’m wearing a watch. I’m a grown-up. I’m pretending to be grandpapa” – recalling grandpapa’s visit a year ago. (Grandpapa is the only person in the family Micah has met who wears a watch). “I’m a boy. When I grow up, I will be a man, and I’ll be going to work just like daddy”.

8. I explained to Micah that I needed to make a phone call because a student was a little upset about a recent test. With a lot of understanding, Micah entertained himself while I talked on the phone. As soon as I hung up, Micah asked compassionately, with a concerning voice, “Is (my student) feeling much better now, mommy?”

9. Micah greeted me at the door one evening, happily reminding me of my full name, nick name (of my childhood), our house address as well as my cell phone number. Apparently daddy told him all that while I was out at work that day. Micah must have thought the info interesting (useful, for sure!) and immediately committed it all to memory.

Some other fun things the little guy has been occupying himself with recently, mostly at his own initiative:

1. Counting to 110 in English and Mandarin, needs some help sometimes going from number 39 – 40, 49 – 50, etc but confident otherwise. I have to distract him as soon as he reaches 110 or he would get all goofy and go “a-hundred-and-ten-one, a-hundred-and-ten-two…”.

2. Memorizing Bible verses. It was part of my homework for a Bible Study group to memorize some Bible verses. Micah heard me practicing them out loud, and lo and behold, recited them back to me more fluently than I could memorize them. He now knows John 10:10, Romans 3:23, 1 Peter 3:18, 1 John 5:12-13, John 5:24, and has periodically been helping me review the verses.

3. Loves the hymn “Come thou fount”. Came back from church one day and couldn’t stop humming it. I decided to finally learn at least the lyrics of the first verse for his sake. Micah listened quietly and intently to my singing when driving around with him one morning. The same evening he burst out with the hymn complete. We made a recording of it first thing we got up the next day:

4. Excited about being able to recognize English words in stores, on the streets or in books as we read. E.g., “I love you”, “Jesus”, “me”, “be”, “Micah”, “up”, “stop”, “start”, “it”, “Thomas”, “go”… as well as much easier, single letter words, “I”, “a”, and abbreviations such as “OK”, “QT (cutie)”, “TV”.

5. Able to draw, mainly happy faces. Showing interest in writing (pen in fist) – mainly alphabets.

6. Knowing more Mandarin by sound/picture. More interested in speaking Mandarin in complete sentences. Seems to enjoy translating English to Mandarin and vice versa for daddy.

7. Continues to enjoy jigsaw puzzles. I was rushing to get lunch ready one day. So I took out a box of 24 pieces jigsaw puzzles he had never seen before, spread the pieces on the floor and ran back to the kitchen. A few minutes later, Micah yelled from the living room, “I did it! Look at this mommy, hot-shot rookie race car!” That was a record. The same evening, I helped him a little with a more challenging 50 pc puzzles (the incredible hulk). We completed it together in 10 – 15 min. It always takes longer when he worked on puzzles subsequent times. He seems more enthusiastic and more focused with puzzles he is not yet familiar with.

8. Continues to enjoy rhyming, occasionally requesting if we could rhyme in Chinese.

9. Making up new tunes for his nursery rhymes. Micah is always singing and humming. When he gets familiar with a nursery rhyme, he would replace the melody with his own tune. They are usually of improvisatory nature, though often with a clear sense of form and structure. The tunes are usually dropped and forgotten as he moved on to other songs. We made an effort to make a recording of this one – Incey Wincey Spider, within a few minutes after he started singing it. I tried to play it on the piano too to provide an accompaniment for his singing.

10. Continues to enjoy building things. Some pictures of him with his building blocks from October:

November 14, 2010

Anticipating Christmas

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"I'm a good helper!"

"Ah, look at this one!"


November 1, 2010

Dressing up…

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Mum writes:

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