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October 12, 2010

At 30 month old!

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Mum writes:

For about six months, from 22m – 28m, we saw the beginning of the “4W” (What/Where/Who/When) and “1H” phase for Micah. He also started using such connecting words as “because”, “otherwise”, “instead”, etc. and used them fairly accurately, much to our surprise.

Fascination with Maps

Micah loves staring at road maps, atlas, world maps, even billboard directory at malls. If he catches you around, he would rush to you with the map (or rush you to the computer screen / billboard directory) and demand, “Where are we? Where are we?”

Mushroom, Mushroom!

On our way back from the last day of Vacation Bible School back in early August, we spotted an unusual sight in the front yard of a house in our neighborhood – about 50 (yes – FIFTY!) tall, big, white mushrooms packed along the walkway all the way to the house of one of our neighbors. After we’ve parked by our house, we decided to pull out the stroller and take a walk to check out the mushrooms. It was quite a sight – wish I had a camera with me then.

Later that day, Micah woke up from his nap, all excited about telling daddy the extraordinary experience. In one breadth, he said, “I was suppose to come down from the stroller to pick the mushrooms, but I did not pick the mushrooms because they might be poisonous!”

Some memorable conversation we’ve had so far:

Mommy’s Tummy:

Micah: “I used to live in mommy’s tummy when I was tiny-tiny. What was I doing in your tummy?”

Mommy: “Well, you were growing in there. You slept most of the time I think”.

Micah: “I was also kicking and having hiccups!”

Mommy: “Yes, you were”.

Micah: “I couldn’t see your face”.

Mommy: “Hm. That’ true. But you could hear me! In fact, your eyes were not fully developed yet anyway. Your eyes were developed only very close to when you came out”.

Micah: (all mesmerized… ) “AH…”

Some Fresh Air

Micah: “Daddy, I want to open that window”.

Daddy: “Why?”

Micah: “Because we need to let in some fresh air”. (Truth: he just wanted to play with the mechanism).

Daddy: “Oh, really?”

Micah: “Y-E-SSS! We need some fresh air.”

Don’t Eat Me!

Daddy and Micah were playing…

Daddy: “Can I eat your nose?”

Micah: “No, no”.

Daddy: “I want to eat your ears”.

Micah: “No, no, you can’t eat my ears”.

Daddy: “I want to eat you!”

Micah: “NO, don’t eat me!”

Daddy: “Why?”

Micah: “If you eat me, you won’t have any more Micah to play with!”

Is it ALIVE?

Micah was reading about a little girl planting some flowers with her grandma. We remembered being given some pumpkin seeds from the Vacation Bible School earlier. So one morning, we decided to start our first Science project – growing some pumpkin plants!

The seeds germinated, and took just 2 days for the shoots to emerge from the soil. It was so good to see the excited little Micah hovering over the plants celebrating the miracle of life. “Are they alive?” He promptly asked, almost a rhetorical question it seemed, as it was obvious on his face that he was only seeking an affirmation.

Later that day, I was soaking some dry “wood-ears” (a type of edible fungus, dried) in preparation for dinner. Micah asked for a small piece to play with. I thought he might enjoy watching the wood-ear loosen up in water, so I gave him a small bowl of water too. Micah dropped in his tiny piece of wood-ear, apparently with close to no expectation for anything to happen. As he watched the wood-ear expand, Micah’s eyes widened. With jaws dropped, he turned to me and asked, “IS IT ALIVE?”

Mosquito Bite and the Backyard

Mommy: “Micah, you have a small bump on your cheek, looks like a mosquito bite. Are you feeling OK?”

Micah: “Yes. (In deep thought for a second). Did I go to the backyard this morning?”

Puzzle Book

Mommy: “Micah, well done for closing your puzzle book so gently!”

Micah: “Yes, if I closed it faster, the puzzle pieces might fall out!”

Right around he turned 30 m, Micah started asking WHY for almost anything. The WHY phase:

Paint on Tree

Mommy: “Look at that tree – the leaves are all red. Isn’t it beautiful?”

Micah: “Wow… Why are the leaves red? Did someone paint the tree?”

Falling Leaves

Micah: “Why did the leaves Fall mommy?”

Mommy: “Because it’s the season, Fall – when leaves fall from the trees!”

Micah: “But, why? Why do they fall?”

Mommy: “Well, that’s the way the trees get ready for a long winter’s nap”.

Not yet satisfied with the answers apparently, he asked again, “Why do the leaves have to fall?”

Mommy: “So the trees could grow new leaves in Spring.”

The questioning stopped there, thankfully! What else could I have said?

Lion Fountain

Micah: “Why was Lion Fountain blocked off?”

Mommy: “The fountain must be broken in some ways. It needs to be fixed”.

Micah: “Why was the fountain broken?”

Mommy: “I don’t know.”

Micah: “Was it an accident?”

Mommy: “Maybe. Things break from time to time. But don’t you worry. The fountain will be fixed”.

Micah: “I want to go in and see it”. (Pulling my hand, hard).

Mommy: “No, Micah. See the yellow tapes? That means nobody is allowed to go in there”.

Micah: “Who broke the fountain?”

Mommy: “Maybe nobody. It just needs to be fixed from time to time”.

Micah: “But why? Why can’t anyone go in there? I want to go in and see the broken fountain.”

Mommy: “Broken fountain could be dangerous!” (SIGH…)

I realized that sometimes he asks “why” as a delay tactic – to buy himself more time for negotiation. On that occasion, he really wanted to get closer to and check out the Lion fountain. He was probably hoping more talking might take him closer to getting his way. But most of the time, Micah seems to be genuinely exploring his ever expanding universe. This is a really fun phase for me too, I must say! I’m so glad to be able to spend time during the day with him, and learn to see the world through the eyes of a 2 yr old.

More exciting happenings at around 30 month:

1. Figured out by himself how to find the program “Alphababy” by clicking on “Application” on the computer desktop, and kept himself entertained with Alphababy for the next 15 – 20 min. The first time that happened, he was already playing away with Alphababy when we entered the room, so we assumed he might have just accidentally clicked the right icons. Soon we found out that it was for real – he could navigate the cursor quite confidently with one or more fingers on the mouse pad, and knows exactly where to find Alphababy… Somehow he also figured out the functions of the “delete” button, the space bar, and knows just when to click “enter”. Too soon, Micah! Why do you need to know how to use a computer at 2 yr old?

2. Started Suzuki Piano, learned to bow slowly and steadily. At the piano, willing to sit in Rest Position and place his thumb on the right key for Ready Position. Able to clap the rhythm of Twinkle A well, and showing interest in the rhythm of Twinkle B. For this – mommy is really proud of you! 🙂

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  1. hey it’s been great hearing abt Micah here. Glad you keep on updating. He’s just so adorable in his growth. Love him lots! Hope to see him down here some time. How are you parents doing? Hope everything’s fine and dandy with you.

    God bless.=)

    Comment by hannah — October 14, 2010 @ 8:39 am | Reply

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