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August 23, 2010

29 month old, First Trip Out of Town!

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Mum writes:

We needed to renew our passports within the next couple of months, and daddy decided that instead of mailing our passports to the consulate for renewal, we could all pay a trip in person to the consulate in New York City this summer. After weeks of deciding whether to fly or drive, we settled only days before leaving, that we would drive. This also turns out to be our first family trip ever – a road trip to New York City! We took the opportunity to stop by Niagara Falls on the way there, and Rock n Roll Museum in Cleveland, Ohio, on the way back.

Day 1 – on the road to Niagara Falls.

Day 2 – The Falls, then on the road to NYC.

Day 3 (Happy 29m old Micah!) – attending to business (Consulate), M&M store, finishing up business at Consulate, Times Square, visited Kieran and parents in Queens.

Day 4 – left NYC to Cleveland, Ohio.

Day 5 – visit to R&R Museum, heading home!

For the itinerary-in-picture to make sense, the photos below should be viewed in reverse order – from bottom up!


Rock & Roll Museum, Cleveland, Ohio



Posing by Ray Charles



Day 5 Rock & Roll Museum, Cleveland, Ohio



Bedtime reading with daddy, hotel at Times Square



Can you find us on the screen?



Sunny day at Times Square!



This is such a fun store!



I've got one pretzel M&M in my cheek pouch...



At Build a Bear store



Day 3 M&M store, NYC



I'm going to take a nap now with my bear woa woa.



After all that running around, Micah is ready for a nap in the car.



Resting my feet from all the walking - up & down the slopes... "Mommy, I'll sit with you!"






"I want to walk on the curb!"



"Look, more waters there!"



"It's windy!"



Day 2 Niagara Falls: On the way to the Falls.


August 15, 2010

Adieu, uncle Steve and auntie Hiroe

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Mum writes:

This month, we bid farewell to Steve and Hiroe as they move back to San Diego. We will miss you, Steve and Hiroe…!

August 13, 2010

“Mommy video tape me?”

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Mum writes:

While having dinner this evening, Micah decided that he would like his singing be video taped – Couldn’t believe our ears! He immediately decided too that his sippy cup will be his microphone, most likely got the idea from watching me sing at a karaoke at the home of some friends’ a little while ago (the ONLY Karaoke I’ve sang in 20 years!).

Here’s Micah’s performance of “Six Little Ducks”:

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