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June 21, 2010

27 months, “Undeniably”!

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Mum writes:

At 19 month-old (about 8 months ago), Micah’s million-dollar word, “humidifier” brought a lot of cheer and laughter. Since then, there has been roughly 2 big words every month, including “humongous” (When you say, “Wow, that’s big!”, he would quickly add, “humongous!”), “beautiful” (“What a beautiful day!”), “delicious” (“Hm, yummie, this is delicious dinner, mommy”), “reflection” (“That’s a reflection of Micah in the mirror”), “extravagant” (“That’s extravagant, mommy”), “buttermilk biscuit” (What are you eating, Micah? “Buttermilk biscuit!” in a matter-of-fact manner).

By now, Micah has also memorized a lot of words/sentences from the storybooks we read together; and he enjoys applying what he had learned to situations in everyday life. These last couple of days, Micah seemed particularly fascinated by the word, “undeniably”. After his own afternoon nap today, Micah rushed into our room and after yelling, “Happy Father’s Day (again), daddy!”, he rolled onto our bed and woke daddy up from his long nap. The manner Micah threw himself onto the bed was so like his daddy, that, I couldn’t help but exclaimed, “Like father, like son…”. “Undeniably!”, yelled Micah promptly, giggling away.

It has also been a “what” and “How” phase for Micah. Having a fairly sharp ear and quite an eye for details, Micah always seem to be able to pick up sounds and notice big and small things around him readily. For months now, some of his favorite sentences have been “What’s that sound, mommy?” (listening in); or, pointing to an unfamiliar object, “What’s that, daddy?” Lately, he has been even more inquisitive: “What does (a vocabulary or a sentence) mean?” Listening to a song without lyrics, or if the song is in Mandarin, “What’s that song about, mommy?”

Tagging along with me to run errands, Micah always keeps himself busy spelling words on billboards, names of stores, or reading license plate numbers out loud. These past week, he decided to play a different game: “How do you spell (a word), mommy?” Soon he decided that he had ran out of single-word vocabulary – “How do you spell “mommy’s car?” … “How about “What a lovely day” ?” On a 15 – 20 min drive, I could be spelling word after word and phrase after phrase for him, all the way home. It’s a relief that I didn’t have to spell “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” or “hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian” for him! (I looked these words up!)

Rather unexpectedly, Micah also decided that he would Say Grace for lunch by himself. A couple of days ago, we sat down at the lunch table, and just as we put our hands together ready to pray, Micah uttered, slowly but surely, “Thank you LORD for the beautiful morning. Thank you Jesus for lunch. In Jesus’ name, Amen”. He said it all, and without even being asked to! That almost brought tears to my eyes…

Some pictures from this past month:

At the Model Railroad, Chicago Botanic Gardens with friends back in May:

With Jenny, Charlie and Emily

With Charlie

With Emily

Memorial Day weekend outing to Wagner’s Farm – Micah’s first trip to an animal farm!

Sunday lunch at an Italian restaurant in Evanston. See how Micah has graduated from a high chair to a booster seat at a restaurant!

A family outing to the newly reopened Skokie Exploratorium on Father’s Day, Sunday June 20th:

"I with a dot!" - probably Micah's favorite alphabet. He has pretended to write the letter "i" with a finger all this while. This was the first time we saw him actually writing it. Truth be told, we have not let Micah play with chalk at all in order to minimize mess in and around the house. Micah handled chalk to draw and write for the first time too today.

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