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May 21, 2010

At 26 months…

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Mum writes:

Micah continues to enjoy picking out numbers and alphabets anywhere and everywhere. While waiting for his breakfast this morning, I heard the little guy going, “S-T-A-R-T, start!”. Turned around, I found him reading off the control panel of the dishwasher. Spelling and reading aloud as he ran a finger across the control panel, Micah didn’t even noticed I had ran off the kitchen and came back with a camera…

"That's number 2; that's number 4; ..."

We had family visiting us earlier this week and Micah was given a United States of America map puzzle. (Thank you uncle Andrew and aunty Annie!!) Micah had a similar (older) map puzzle for a couple of months now. I was aware that he recognizes the location of some of the states, but never realized how much he actually knows. This new map puzzle seems harder (says “5 years and up” on the back) as it doesn’t have the pictures of the puzzle pieces on the board, nor the names of the states. (It does have the names of the capital cities with a dot indicating their approximate locations. “Capital cities” is probably what Micah should learn to know next). Last night Micah took all the pieces off his new map puzzle board and showed me how to put them back, one by one. I wonder how he did it – I certainly do not know my geography as well as he does. This evening, stalling before bed, Micah was all interested in playing with his map puzzles again. I managed to take a picture of him in action before he grabbed my camera and demanded, “Micah see, Micah see…”.

"Idaho goes there; Washington goes up there; Illinois! Micah lives in Chicago - windy city!, Wisconsin - Wisconsin makes cheese"

Then I sat back and watched… Soon daddy came along and reminded us that it was 10pm, “No babies are up at this hour in the night!!” While daddy rushed away with Micah to begin our bedtime routine, I snapped a quick picture of the nearly-completed puzzle board:

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