Being Micah

March 17, 2010

Micah see…

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Dad writes:

This is why we don’t have any decent videos of Micah…

Here’s one where we got Micah sit down and sing for the camera. He’d only do the first two lines though.

Late Winter – Early Spring Fun!

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Mum writes:

Now that we feel a little more settled at our new house, and into our new family schedule, we found many things we could do in and around the neighborhood. Here are some random pictures of fun over the past weeks:

At the playground on Hinman, Evanston by a Montessori. We stopped by there after mummy picked up the key to her students recital venue for this weekend.

By the train table at Barnes and Noble.

"Maureen knitted this, all the way from England!" Micah would tell you, if you asked him about his beautiful sweater/jumper. The jumper has lasted us two winters, and likely all the way through this spring too. Thank you Maureen!

At Pottery Barn Kids after a book club

Hi there!

At a playground in Wilmette. "Near, far; near, far...!"

In our very own backyard one lovely (but chilly) morning. See the magic gloves? We haven't seen anything like that here in the States. No one else seems to make gloves to fit toddlers' hands. Agnes Yi Yi always knows how and where to get the most fitting thing for little Micah...!

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