Being Micah

March 16, 2010

Thomas the Tank Engine Shirt

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Mum writes:

Micah loves to look at photos; and more recently, he understood that if he poses for you, he gets to enjoy the viewing of new pictures – right away on the screen. He would sit and wait for you to get ready. As soon as he saw or heard a click on the camera, he would come running, and in great excitement, grab your arm, urging, “Micah see, Micah see pictures …”.

He would even do a fake laugh for you – and here is one. Quite theatrical!

Well, I think I should just let him be himself… Here he is…!

Finally we have a nice picture of Micah in his Thomas the tank engine shirt – a gift from the Cordles last Christmas (along with a couple other nice outfits and book). And if Micah hears you mention where the shirt had come from, he would promptly add, “all the way from England!” Thomas the tank engine is all Micah dreams about these days. Thanks James and Daphne for the thoughtful and timely gift.

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