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March 25, 2010

Creative Play at Home

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Baby writes:

Here's my little cocoon...!

“Mommy, see! I made a burger!”


March 23, 2010


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Mum writes:

We had a special visitor today – Graham Hilton is back in the States on a business trip. He had a meeting near Chicago earlier today and dropped by late afternoon to see us for a few hours! We were at the condo when Graham and Chris last visited us. Micah was just a few weeks old then. It was so good to see Graham again after almost two years!

"Yay...! London Bus and London Taxi! Thank you Graham and Chris!"

March 21, 2010


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Mum writes:

With on-going renovation in the house, we decided to celebrate Micah’s birthday this year in a quiet way. We made sure, however, that we give our full attention to the little guy on the day with absolutely no schedule.

There is no better way to begin this special day than to meet with grandpapa and grandmama in Kuala Lumpur over Skype! Micah was warmly greeted by grandpa, grandma and aunty Sue Ching as he ate his breakfast. Then we headed to church for regular Sunday service. On the way back, we picked up the birthday cake from an European patisserie which we visit only on very special occasions.

Had the cake after a simple lunch at home (pictures below). After Micah’s afternoon nap, we bundled up and headed to a playground. We actually let Micah stayed for as long as he liked, for a change. After dinner, we went on Skype again, this time to meet with wai-kong and wai-puo, Micah’s maternal grandparents.

It was an intimate family day. Micah went to bed very calm and contented. For once, he was happy to retire for the day. There was no stalling, and therefore no reminder or persuasion needed. What a wonderful day, for all of us. Happy Birthday, dear Micah. What an amazing two years we have had, as we saw and experienced His Grace and Faithfulness in our family life. Praise You LORD, and to You be the glory…!

Baby writes:

"Micah's lunch is all done. Waiting for Micah's birthday cake... . Mm..."

"Thomas the tank engine Birthday Cake! Thank you Wai-Kong and Wai Puo. Micah likes it!" (Gift from maternal grandparents)

"Lights...! Candle lights"

"Yay! Nice!"

"Picture with mommy."

"Micah is TWO YEARS OLD!!"


"Micah's blowing the candles... Ph...!"

"Another one..."

"Almost there...!"

One more picture of the cake before slicing it up!

"Thomas tank engine - Micah press, choo-choo!" (Right after that, Micah added, "It doesn't make any sound. It's a picture!")


"Hm, yummy!"

"LORD, ..."

PS. (mum writes) – Just as we were happily eating away, with a sparkle in his eyes and a big smile, Micah put his hands together and started praying and thanking God… (Probably embarrassed by the fact that we as parents had forgotten to pray for him, we couldn’t recall exactly what he said, other than the word “LORD” thrown in somewhere in his sentences). This picture was taken just as he started “praying”. Amazed and stunned, daddy and I looked at each other. “He is praying…!” I dropped the camera and joined daddy as he led us in a prayer of blessings for our precious cutie pie who turned TWO today…!

Wai-Kong playing "Happy Birthdy song" four times for Micah over Skype (on the violin, erhu, gu-chen, and piano).

March 20, 2010

Birthday Month

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Mum writes:

For several weeks now, Micah would come to you prompting, “Somebody’s birthday is coming up!”

“Whose birthday is it?” We would asked.


“Really? When is it going to be?”, we pressed.

“March 21st!”

“Wow! How old will Micah be then?”

“Two years old!”

Quite fascinating when he is in the mood to talk. If you catch him at the right moment, Micah also enjoys singing Happy Birthday song to himself, and then insists on singing and wishing his grandmama Happy Birthday too no matter how much we tell him grandmama’s birthday is not till October…

It’s been quite a month leading up to Micah turning 2. Here are some of his responses receiving greetings from family and friends:

A morning delivery, from grandparents, aunt and uncle in Kuala Lumpur:

This came in the mail too, from auntie Christine and uncle Emjay in California:

Auntie Jenn’s surprise visit!

Opening gifts and card from aunty Hiro and uncle Steve

March 17, 2010

Micah see…

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Dad writes:

This is why we don’t have any decent videos of Micah…

Here’s one where we got Micah sit down and sing for the camera. He’d only do the first two lines though.

Late Winter – Early Spring Fun!

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Mum writes:

Now that we feel a little more settled at our new house, and into our new family schedule, we found many things we could do in and around the neighborhood. Here are some random pictures of fun over the past weeks:

At the playground on Hinman, Evanston by a Montessori. We stopped by there after mummy picked up the key to her students recital venue for this weekend.

By the train table at Barnes and Noble.

"Maureen knitted this, all the way from England!" Micah would tell you, if you asked him about his beautiful sweater/jumper. The jumper has lasted us two winters, and likely all the way through this spring too. Thank you Maureen!

At Pottery Barn Kids after a book club

Hi there!

At a playground in Wilmette. "Near, far; near, far...!"

In our very own backyard one lovely (but chilly) morning. See the magic gloves? We haven't seen anything like that here in the States. No one else seems to make gloves to fit toddlers' hands. Agnes Yi Yi always knows how and where to get the most fitting thing for little Micah...!

March 16, 2010

Thomas the Tank Engine Shirt

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Mum writes:

Micah loves to look at photos; and more recently, he understood that if he poses for you, he gets to enjoy the viewing of new pictures – right away on the screen. He would sit and wait for you to get ready. As soon as he saw or heard a click on the camera, he would come running, and in great excitement, grab your arm, urging, “Micah see, Micah see pictures …”.

He would even do a fake laugh for you – and here is one. Quite theatrical!

Well, I think I should just let him be himself… Here he is…!

Finally we have a nice picture of Micah in his Thomas the tank engine shirt – a gift from the Cordles last Christmas (along with a couple other nice outfits and book). And if Micah hears you mention where the shirt had come from, he would promptly add, “all the way from England!” Thomas the tank engine is all Micah dreams about these days. Thanks James and Daphne for the thoughtful and timely gift.

March 1, 2010

A Not-so-typical Regular Day at Home

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Mum writes:

A regular day at home is never typical, when the little guy I hang out with showers me time and again with delightful surprises. One morning he came to me reciting both verses of “Peas Porridge Hot” without missing a word. The next day, he joyfully bursts out the song “Jesus Loves Me This I Know”, complete! The curious thing is, we hadn’t heard him partially recited or sang many of the nursery rhymes or songs at all prior to presenting them in full… He must have been taking it all in every time he was read or sang to. I particularly enjoy the way he looked at me when he performed – the smile in his eyes – as if with the intent to make my day. Needless to say, he has been able to turn my world upside down and around, every time, everyday.

It hasn’t been all songs and nursery rhymes. Some days Micah would decide to just be inquisitive and curious…

He has been a lot more independent at play these days, which allows me to prepare for a meal without too much interruption. This morning while I was working away, I realized the little boy had been rather quiet. Frantically, I yelled, “Micah, where are you?” and rushed out of the kitchen to check it out. I found Micah in our new hall bath, right by the bathroom door sticking one ear onto the floor with his bottoms up, listening… Micah jumped off the floor as soon as he heard and saw me. Apparently, the tile warming system in the bathroom floor does make some sound – an extremely gentle sound when it is heating up. That was enough to intrigue Micah and his sensitive hearing. I laughed hard, ran and grabbed the camera; but the little guy wouldn’t get down for another round of listening to the floor. I made sure I had the camera right by me from that moment on, and caught the following poses as Micah continued to explore the sounds around the house:

Soon it was lunchtime. Micah usually enjoys a game of something while eating at the table. I decided to give him some mini erasers to play with today. To my complete surprise, Micah has grown to become quite conscious of patterns. His fine motor skill seems to have also improved so much so, as to allow him to insist on arranging the mini erasers in line. It was fascinating to also hear him murmuring, “mouth pointing this way” as he aligned the duckie erasers away.

Shortly after that, Micah needed to play with something else. Seeing that I wasn’t going to find another toy for him, Micah decided to play with his socks. We have seen Micah taking his socks off before so I wasn’t paying attention, until he started putting the socks back on again!

So he did it – putting both socks on ALL BY HIMSELF! Not bad, I thought! There was the look of “mission accomplished”, as well as contentment and unspeakable joy written all over his little face…   I could have caught that moment in a picture too, though that would probably meant missing the opportunity to hug and kiss him right away for a job well done…  I’m just so glad to have been there to witness all his little play tricks, and to experience all the big and small moments of fun together!

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