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February 12, 2010

Good Old Tot Park in Evanston

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Mum writes:

After running some errands in Evanston this morning, I decided to swing by the tot park near our old place. It’s been a while since Micah last visited this playground. In fact, his last visit there was with grandmama back in the Fall, probably mid-November right before we moved. Micah fell asleep in his car seat on our way there. That was unusual since Micah hardly takes a nap anywhere but in his crib. I decided to get there anywhere, parked right by the park and waited.

When Micah woke up 15 min later, I asked him to look to see where we were. As Micah turned and saw the playground, his eyes lit up, and in a somewhat reflective mode, whispered, “grandmama used to play with Micah there!” I totally did not see that coming – I had expected him to notice simply “a playground”, not any specific one! That he was able to remember experiences from 3 months ago? Hmm…

“Micah get down, Micah get down now”, he urged. We got down. Though it’s still a little wintry to be out and about, we spent a good 20 minutes in the snow anyway. As soon as I put him down on his feet, Micah noticed instantly he didn’t have his winter boots on! My fault, I had to say, and encouraged him to try make his way around anyway in his tennis shoes.

Hm... Where is the sand box?

Scrambled up to the top of the toy house! He made it, despite the icy steps!

Checking out a toy in what was supposedly a sand box

On the way back, I chose to drive very slowly past the back of our old condo, and right past our old parking lot. Not sure how much one could expect a 21-month-old to remember the first twenty months of his life; but the little guy, as I could see from the rear mirror – had a most curious look on his face. Looking on quietly and intently out of the car windows to his right and left, he seemed to be retracing the memory of good old times all the way home. Who says babies don’t reminisce? The trip today was a wonderful revelation, I thought.

February 11, 2010

A snowy week

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Mum writes:

We have been having quite a lot of snow these last couple of days. Since it’s harder to be out and about, we tried to at least be out to play in the backyard:

We actually made it to Trader Joe’s just before the heavy snow fall on Monday. It was chilly so Micah had his Elmo hat on the whole time we were out. Micah’s hair got all wavy after we took off his hat upon reaching home:

A goofy moment just before lunch:

Our new hall bath is now 95% complete. Waiting for the shower door to be installed. Meanwhile, it is fully functional and we are already enjoying it a lot! Here’s a view of the shower stall with the floating vanity et al.

February 6, 2010

Riding Thomas Tank Engine

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Mum writes:

On a recent visit to Old Orchard Mall, we found out that a set of train on tracks have been set up in the food court for rides! There was no mention of it being Thomas the tank engine, but the color and design of the train speak to every Thomas & friends fan that it’s unmistakably Thomas! Micah was so excited, asked to get closer to his favorite tank engine but the tracks were not operating on that day. I took a picture of him with the train and promised we will be back!

We were able to make it to the mall the very next day the tracks were open again (that was four days later)! We were out running errands all morning, and by the time we got to the mall, it was past 1pm – when most kids Micah’s age should be home taking their afternoon nap. (We have a different family schedule, I know). The man at the tracks was happy to operate the machines even though he had just one customer! I wasn’t sure if Micah would be willing to get on the train all by himself. Turned out that the boy had no inhibition whatsoever. Got on readily and rode around the tracks 7 times! Knowing how much this means to him, I ran around the tracks and captured some pictures for him (and for you!). Micah sat so quietly – completely mesmerized, and let the train took him round and round. Not quite the kind of reaction I had expected.

After he got off the ride, Micah happily said goodbye to Thomas and added, “see you another day”! That was a huge relief for me – that he kept his promise to be compliant on the way out! The tracks are probably going to be there just for a season. We hope to be back for a couple more rides while it lasts!

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