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January 18, 2010

More at 21m!

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Mum writes:

Renovation is going well. Some days were louder and dustier than others. Most days, Micah and I would retreat to a corner or to a room to play. If the weather wasn’t too bitterly, we would run to the store for a couple of hours. There was one day when I decided to stay home and did some cooking. To keep Micah entertained when I worked on the countertops, I brought Micah’s high chair into the kitchen and gave him a book – a brochure, to be exact, from the Botanic Gardens. Amazing enough, the pages of flora, map and description of the gardens actually kept him occupied for quite a while. Captured these picture when he soaked it all in:

Here’s some idea of the “war zone” at our house, every weekday from 7am. Some days it ends at 5pm or beyond, typically work should wrap up by around 3:30pm:

After fully digested the content of the brochure, Micah decided that he needed to “do some work too”. Literally, he said “Micah’s working too” as he headed to the keyboard that had been unplugged and moved to a corner. Micah so enjoy picking up cables and trying to see where and how they fit in to an equipment. In fact, that’s been one of his favorite games of late.

These next couple of pictures were taken about a week ago, when Micah was introduced to the “Circle Tangram” – a toy given by Agnes Yi Yi (aunt Agnes) on the occasion of Micah’s first birthday. It’s quite an educational toy – trains a kid to be imaginative, patient, focus aside from developing fine motor skills. Micah stood there for a couple of minutes trying to make something out of the 7 pieces of “puzzles”. This was a pretty good first try we thought:

He has gotten better right after, and started lining the sides of the different shapes of wood pieces up as in the pictures below. More recently, he also like to stand the pieces up to “build a house”, as Micah would say.

Next, we also have a few pictures from this past weekend. It was right before Micah’s nap time. Somehow he felt like hearing loud noises and running at the same time. So he picked up his toy vacuum cleaner, dragged (or pushed) it around the “island” between the kitchen/dining and living room, laughing all the way! That went on for a good 5 minutes. Made it pretty hard for us to remind him about his nap time when we saw him so happy. I suppose all the running helped burn some energy off too, perfect for a good afternoon nap right after. (He did had a 3 hour nap after!)

Micah continues to enjoy singing and improvising the lyrics using the tunes he is familiar with. The songs are a lot more in tune now, displaying clear rhythmic variations as always. Micah sings while he plays, when he is in the car, on the shopping cart, at home before bed; and once he started it, he would happily go on singing for a very long time. It’s quite a treat when he made a song up for you – using mostly your name throughout the song and throwing a glance or two at you from time to time as he sang along.

Lots more longer sentences too since the last blog, and there is so much understanding. Quite exciting. During “cookie time” today, instead of gulping away, he reminded me that “Grandmama said – small bites!”; “mommy also said – small bite, and daddy said – small bite, too”. Some days it feels like I’m relating to a much older child than a mere 21 month old. I’m glad that Micah seems to pick up more Mandarin too now that I started speaking a little more Mandarin with him during the day. (I have to be a lot more intentional about that).

Good job Micah. Mommy loves you very much.

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