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September 21, 2009


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Mum writes:

“EIGHTEEN!” Micah yelled gleefully earlier this evening, after overhearing me thinking aloud, “Micah will be EIGHTEEN month tomorrow!” Since then if you ask, “How old will Micah be tomorrow?”, the little guy would utter his “new vocabulary of the day”, “EIGHTEEN”! in no uncertain terms and as if completely apprehending your question!

Micah’s vocabulary has increased exponentially since my last blog about two months ago.  Right around 17 month old, we realized we were no longer able to keep track of the number of words he could say. Some vocabularies Micah acquired more recently (and yes – he does has a pretty good understanding of each of these words) are “hiding”, “in/out”, “bright/dark”, “high/low”, “bear”, “dear”, “zebra”, and counting from one to ten in English. When prompted by ear, he also enjoys filling in the blanks for about half of the 26 alphabets, and almost all the last words of each sentence in his story books. We also noticed that he seems particularly intrigued by words with 3 different syllables – “double-u (the letter w)”, “trapezium”, “cantaloupe”, “humongous”, .. He has been able to articulate some very clearly and precisely, and others with some degree of accuracy.

Beginning to sing was obviously the other new trick over the past two months. Micah’s first clear phrase was “Ee-ya, ee-ya Oh”. Soon, this was followed by an original (rhythmic) composition, “Boomba jit”, which goes “Boomba-boomba jit, boomba-boomba jit, boomba-boomba jit-jit, boomba-boomba jit”. Over these last couple of days, he has also been having fun improvising. Some of my favorite versions are, “Boomba jit-jit, boomba jit”, and “Boomba… jitan!”

It has also been a challenging two months. At around 17 month, feeling over-tired one early afternoon, Micah decided that he would rather forgo his nap. I left him crying in his pack-n-play for about 20 min, and then heard a loud bang – the little guy was able to thrust himself out of the pack-n-play! “Ouch!” This happened 2 more times before I gave in. That night, daddy had the crib built for bedtime. Still, Micah climbed again, and hit his head hard on the (thankfully) carpeted floor one more time. Once he figured he is able to get out, he wouldn’t stop trying. While I nursed the crying baby back to sleep again, daddy completely rearranged the furniture in Micah’s room – pushed the crib to a corner of the room against the walls, leaned a twin mattress against one other side of the crib, supported by the changing table. That kept Micah in for the rest of the weeks.

Many weeks whisked by. We got ready a crib tent at last and daddy had it set up this evening. All the furniture are finally back to their original positions. The crib actually looks very grand with the crib tent! We wowed and cheered as we introduced it to Micah. First night with the crib tent tonight, and so far so good! We hope Micah would be OK with his afternoon nap tomorrow too – even when he could see the crib tent over him in the daylight.

It is not surprising that Micah would love the computer I guess.  Daddy got a keyboard just for him to play “alpha baby”. This picture was taken a couple of days ago. He looks pretty big on a grown up chair I thought:

Micah at the computer

Micah at the computer

Past midnight so I guess I should head to bed. More pictures and blog coming soon… Meanwhile, Happy EIGHTEEN month-old, dear Micah!

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