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July 21, 2009

New shoes

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Dad writes,

Micah tries out his new shoes at the playground and seems to enjoy his new found freedom….

16 Months Old!

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Mom writes:

Happy sixteen months old today, Micah! There has been so much development over these past months; it would be quite a task to chronicle it all… Just a couple of highlights:

In the Language Development department, other than “dada / daddy” and “mama / mi”, Micah is saying about a dozen Mandarin words and about another dozen English words*, mostly nouns but some verbs too. When out for a walk or at the supermarket, Micah enjoys pointing at and naming familiar objects before we even notice them.

*[So far, Micah’s Mandarin vocabulary includes “bao bao” when he wants to be picked up and carried around, “nai nai” (milk, and for any form of liquid since milk is all he drinks right now), “pu tao” (grapes),  “ji tang” (eggs), “pa pa” (I’m frightened), “mao mao” (cats) or “mao mao” with a different intonation for hat, “bei bei” (cup), “mien mien” (noodles), “yi, er” (numbers 1 & 2) and “chi, ba” (numbers 7 & 8), “bao” for buns. Some of his favorite English words right now are bubbles, Bible, “nana” for banana, pasta, pizza, star, “oon” for moon, up, high, “bloon” for balloon, pop, bug, me, the letter “G” / “Z” (interchangeably), key,  “yum yum” or “gha-boon” (not English obviously, but his own made-up word) for food/eating, “dan ge” for thank you, “pe-tiao” for please, and bye-bye.]

We find it interesting too that Micah seems to not only recognize higher or lower musical pitches but also tries to sing in pitch. He would play a note on his toy piano, and tries to hum the exact pitch, (with about 80% accuracy as of today) – a game we never taught him to play.

Micah also enjoys “finishing” a musical phrase or filling in the blanks for you. If you go, “Twinkle Twinkle Little”, he would burst out “star”…  His latest favorite is the alphabet song, “ABC”. Quite fun!

Meanwhile, he pretty much understands everything we say, in both languages (to our surprise!) When asked to identify a body part in either language, he would readily point – unless he gets quickly distracted by the mischief of, say, poking out his tongue!

In the area of Motor Development, Micah started walking soon after he turned 15 months, and there is no turning back. Right now, we are only hoping he won’t try to run too much and stumble. He has also been trying to walk up the stairs (as opposed to climbing up the stairs), which makes us a little nervous sometimes.

The little fellow is getting very good at climbing onto the sofa / chair / bed, and even a raised queen size bed! Earlier today, after I picked him up from his afternoon nap, I took him to our room, closed the door, threw myself onto our raised queen sized bed and said to him, “Micah, mommy is tired. You’re going to play by yourself”. Micah requested joining me on the bed. When he realized I really wasn’t going to help him up, he went around the bed, pulled up the under-the-bed storage box, stepped on the box and “Voi-La”, he was on the bed, all giggly and proud of himself! Hm, pretty impressive I thought!

In terms of Social Development, we noticed that the little guy like to engage others by giving / sharing his toy – or at least pretending to! Once he realized he is not getting the attention he desires, he would typically hand you something so you would notice him. Alternatively, he would tilt his head and give you his brightest smile – the little fellow had also figured that his tricks almost always work!

Micah enjoys greeting people, and being around with friends. Thankfully, there hasn’t been any sign of stranger anxiety or separation anxiety, though he makes it obvious to us that he really enjoys being around us all his waking hours. As parents, Chun Liang and I are grateful to be able to afford spending time with him at this stage of life, and we are cherishing every minute of it!

In the meantime, Micah is still nursing, before and after bed – that is, 3 to 4 times a day now that he is down to one nap a day. I have gotten so used to breastfeeding and am enjoying the bonding if offers, so much so that I wonder what life would be like when he is finally weaned…

With summer in full swing, Micah and parents have been out and about a lot more. Other than going to  summer parties over the weekends, Micah also enjoys toddling (and running!) around at home or at a toddlers’ park in our neighborhood. Over these past couple of weeks, we also visited the model railroad at the Botanical Gardens and the zoo. Here are some pictures from the past few weeks.

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