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May 13, 2009

Fun, fun, fun!

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Mum writes:

Micah has been so much fun – and has been keeping Chun Liang and I really busy. Needless to say, blogging has since taken a back seat. Here are some pictures taken since Micah’s first birthday:

A week after Micah turned one year old, I decided on Sunday morning to dress Micah up to go to church – complete with his leather slip-ons! That was Micah’s first experience of a pair of shoes on his feet. Micah giggled and laughed out loud when I helped him put them on. (Thought I was tickling him!) These Robeez shoes (a gift from the Fencls) must have been really comfy. Micah didn’t seem to notice them all morning until we were on our way back home. To entertain himself in his car seat, Micah wanted his pants rolled up so he could touch and feel his shoes. He got to feel his silky soft baby legs with his fingers too – made me feel bad to have “deprived” him all this while of himself by covering him up too well…  (Until very recently, since it’s been cold, we have been giving Micah mostly pants with footies when indoor, or an overall that covers him from head to toe, outdoor). By the way, this personalized sweater came all the way from the UK, hand-knitted by dear Maureen in Southampton especially for Micah! We will try to take another picture of Micah with a better view of the sweater.

Shoes, and hey look, I have nice legs too!

Shoes, and hey look, I have nice legs too!

Two weeks ago, we went to our first Book Club – at Pottery Barn Kids. Being a first-timer at such an event, Micah checked out his new surroundings with great interest. Thanks to mommy for choosing a rocking donkey for Micah to sit on.  For a few moments, the excited little boy looked as if he had to decide whether to focus on maintaining his balance, or to concentrate on listening to the story-teller… 

Pottery Barn Kids Book Club

It was fun. I think we will be back at the weekly Book Club! Before heading home that day, we hanged out at the playground outside the store for a little while.

Back at home, Micah enjoys playing in his playpen, and he always likes to find new ways to have fun. Check this one out: 

A couple more recent pictures of Micah in his playpen:




More pictures from over the Mother’s Day weekend:

Just up from afternoon nap


Now a little more warmed up!


Mother's Day Brunch at Chipotle - sitting all by myself on a high chair in a restaurant for the 1st time!


Dinner at Thai restaurant - eating out (for real!) with mommy and daddy is so fun!


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