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March 15, 2009

Year-end 2008 in Pictures (and a Poem!)

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Mum writes:

It feels as if our lives have been on the fast-forward track over these last couple of months. Since Oct 2008, I’ve been meaning to put more pictures of Micah on the blog. Somehow, everything else takes priority over blogging. One of my goals has been to update the blog before Micah turns one-year-old. Well, Micah is exactly one week shy of a year old today. I sat myself down in front of the computer tonight to work on the pictures. Upon sending this, I shall go to bed happy that I have accomplished a mission! So here’s my feeble attempt to turn the clock back to the end of fall, beginning of winter 2008/2009:


The weather in Chicago was finally getting cool enough for sweaters and woolly vests. On the first Sunday of Oct, we dressed Micah in this Pooh outfit given to him by Mrs Susan Foley, a good friend of ours from church who is both a mother and a grandmother. Took these pictures after we got hom:

Hi there!

Hi there!

What are you up to?

"What are you up to?"

You made me laugh!

"You made me laugh!"

Thats so funny!

"Ha ha! That's so funny!"

Thats hilarious!

"You are hilarious!"


On the second weekend of Oct, our good friend Alicia took some pictures of Micah at the playground near our house. We forwarded the pictures online to grandpa and grandma in Subang (Kuala Lumpur) right away. Grandpa and grandma always look forward to meeting Micah on Skype or seeing him in pictures.  After scrolling through this set of pictures, grandma spontaneously penned a poem to Micah. The poem was an expression of their feelings for Micah in words, and was meant to be a somewhat private note. We eventually got the permission from Chun Liang’s mum to post the poem here alongside some of those inspiring pictures:


by Grandma, Oct 2008


The way you move, the way you turn

You watch, you learn;

Chuckling, teasing in your smiles,

Throwing laughter all the while.


Spiky hair frame a brilliant face

Growing at such a dramatic pace;

Curious eyes, charming expressions,

This baby – our celebration.



Fat legs (oopsy.. sorry) swinging, chubby arms waving

You set our hearts a-fluttering;

God, thank you for this baby boy,

To his grandparents – a never-ending joy!




On Oct 21st we celebrated Micah at 7 months old, which also coincided with daddy’s birthday! Here are some pictures from our simple birthday celebration at home:


Happy birthday to you daddy, and to me! (What is this brown thing in front of us?)

Happy birthday to you daddy, and to me!


Oh, we are done blowing the candles already?

Oh, are we done blowing the candles already?


Meet the youngest 80 year-old from Southampton! We had a very special visitor, Christina’s former landlady Maureen visiting from the UK in November! We mentioned about her visit in our blog earlier. Here are some pictures related to her visit:


You are never going to guess how old Maureen is!

Micah and Maureen

Micah and I took the metra downtown with Maureen one weekday to visit the Sears Tower. Maureen took this picture of me and Micah in the baby bjorn on the metra platform at Main Street station.

Micahs first trip downtown!

Micah's first trip downtown!

One weekend, we also got to take Maureen downtown to the Shedd Aquarium. It was freezing but we had a great time walking around with Micah in his stroller.

With Maureen visiting, I get to tour downtown Chicago too for the 1st time

Daddy checking to make sure I'm buddled up!

This is so nice & warm!


We had a terrific time with Maureen visiting, and we hope she will come see us again soon!

Seeing Maureen off to the UK at Ohare

Seeing Maureen off to the UK at O'hare Airport

On top of the many thoughtful gifts Maureen brought for us from the UK, Maureen made sure before she left, that we got a playpen for Micah “so he could practice his crawling”, said Maureen. After weeks of searching and researching online, we finally decided on one called a “playzone with sounds and lights“. Micah was quick to claim his territory within the boundaries of the playzone. It has also been good for Micah to have a safe space to practice standing and walking. Can’t thank you enough, Maureen for such a great idea, and a wonderful gift! In fact, after Maureen had gone back to the UK, we received a beautiful sweater for Micah in the mail, hand-knitted by Maureen – so watch this space for a picture of Micah in the personalized sweater soon!


And finally, a couple more photos of Micah taken over Christmas:


Happy and excited...






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