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February 23, 2009

11 Months

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Dad writes:

We’re one month shy of a year old. It’s funny looking back at some of Micah’s old photos when he had so little hair and couldn’t move around very much. These days Micah is talkative, crawling around like pro and learning to stand on his own.

He has a little playpen now that he seems to enjoy very much. (Thanks so much Maureen, for this wonderful and timely gift!) We’ll put Micah in there when we get dinner ready and he’ll happily entertain himself.

hello... wanna play?



Micah has also outgrown his old carseat. He’s still in a rear facing seat but we had to get a bigger one. On weekends, Micah comes along with us when we go grocery shopping. We got a photo of him yesterday in the car while it was still snowing outside.

His old car seat came with a stroller as well, which was convenient, since we could just snap the car seat on to the stroller without unbuckling him. With this new car seat, we just carry him with us and push him around in the shopping cart. It’s especially useful when we have to bag our own groceries.

Grocery shopping

Grocery shopping

Mummy is already planning Micah’s one year birthday party. Should be fun….

Photos being fixed

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Dad writes:

Figured out a solution to the problems with our online photos. I had to relocate all of them to a different photo sharing site that has better support for posting them on an external site like this blog. I’ve updated most of the newer posts and I’ll be fixing the older posts over the next few days hopefully.

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