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February 5, 2009

Two Very Special Visitors!

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Baby writes:

Two very special people came to see us last week from California – aunty Christine and Jonathan di di (little brother). Aunt Christine was probably one of the very first people to ever know about me – as early as during the first weeks mommy and daddy knew I was on my way! Mom said aunt Christine and family (uncle MJ, Joey ge ge and Rohan ge ge) used to live in Evanston and moved to the west coast only very recently. How they have been watching over mommy and I ever so closely like a family even from across the miles! And guess what? Aunt Christine began to carry Jonathan di di right around the same time mommy was having me in the tummy! (Jonathan di di is just 3 weeks younger than me). Shall I say, Jonathan and I are almost like twins!! It was such a happy week when I get to meet with them at last!

Hey, meet my buddy!

Thank you aunt Christine and Jonathan di di for making the trip to see us. We love you, and we hope to see you again soon!

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