Being Micah

December 21, 2008

A 9 month old baby!

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Mum writes:

Sunday today. We woke up to a beautiful morning with the sun shining bright on the magnificent white! The ground must have accumulated another 2-3 inches of  snow overnight. There were more flurries in the forecast – would be a pretty day, though it would be chilly with temperature in the negative (-5F, i.e., – 20C). It’s been a very snowy December in Chicago.

Micah is nine month old today! After breakfast, we all bundled up and headed out to the 9am service at church. It didn’t take that long for Chun Liang to remove the thick coat of snow that was still fresh, off the car. The alley where our parking space is was in need of a good shovel though so pulling the car out of our parking lot was quite a challenge.

Micah sat quietly in his car seat and watched on intently. Despite the fact that he was missing his morning nap (Sundays are “special”/non-routine days!), Micah seemed to understand that mom and dad were working on a serious task and were not to be disturbed. The snow and the cold were all in all still quite a new experience for little Micah.

As expected, we got to church late – arrived just in time to catch second half of the church service. There were flurries on the way home. Along with the bitterly cold wind, we just knew that we would stay in for the rest of the day!

So we stayed home after lunch. How we love just being cosy and warm and enjoying each other as a family! Here are some pictures of Micah while he played.



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