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November 21, 2008

8 Months Old!

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Mum writes:

We have had a busy month, due in part to the fact that Micah has been more active than ever! He is always up to something. Seated, Micah would want to have a toy to play with or he would just tap on a surface rhythmically, sometimes bubbling away too at the same time, going “Ba, ba, ba, ba; Ma, ma, ma”. Yes, Micah has added a new syllable, “Ma” to his vocabulary this past month! He has been using the two syllables indiscriminately, but very expressively.

Micah is at the stage where he would put anything and everything in his mouth. Some days, he would push his thumb far into his mouth to sooth his gum. We then found out that he is growing more teeth! Over these past 4 weeks alone, Micah has had 3 new teeth! That makes a total of 7 teeth for an eight-month-old!

Micah wouldn’t lie much on his back any more. As soon as you put him down on the bed or the floor, he would roll over to his tummy, wave his arms and legs, look at you with a grin as if saying, “See how I fly”! Leaving him in such a position, he could make his way in any direction to reach for anything potentially “chewable”. Yes, our baby is crawling, despite the lack of encouragement from his parents, particularly from mummy! I suppose when he is ready to crawl, there is no stopping him. Micah seems exceptionally happy whenever he gets the chance to practice his new motor skills. He is busier now too, since there is so much more he could do with increased mobility.

Related to his crawling ability, we have also been catching Micah sleeping with bended knees, bottom up and head down, with face buried in his hands or turned slightly on one side. SO cute! He often wakes up in the same position, pushes his body up with his arms so he could rock his body happily back and forth. He would look up at you, smiling and sometimes even giggling as if saying, “I’m getting a work out here, mum. Fancy joining me?”

Micah has also been trying all sorts of solids, which keeps mummy busier in the kitchen. It’s been a lot of fun watching Micah enjoying his new food. He has been eating several types of fruits (pears, apples, bananas, prunes, avocado), rice porridge, egg yolk and some veggie (sweet potatoes, yams, peas, spinach). We have also been giving him chicken with the rice porridge. He totally loves that! So far Micah hasn’t really rejected anything we gave him. On the contrary, he seems to enjoy his solids more than mummy’s milk now. I still make sure he nurses well so as to stay hydrated and well-nourished.

Micah also seems more aware of his surroundings than ever. Being a sensitive boy, loud noises seem to bother him – the sound of vacuum cleaner, siren of emergency vehicles, dump truck or just busy traffic or moving train. Micah would instinctively covers his ears with his hands – a very cute, and totally functional gesture! You would find Micah covering his ears too if we happen to stand near a speaker at a worship service.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to vacuum the floor with Micah strapped in the Baby Bjorn on my front. To help him overcome the fear for vacuum cleaner, I made sure I counted, “one, two, three” before starting the machine and continued talking to him with a calm voice until the vacuum cleaner was turned off. That seems to work! Micah would still cover his ears but there’s been no more crying. Since then, Micah has also learned to cover his ears at the mere sight of the vacuum cleaner out of the closet, without any prompting from me.

We took the train to church for the third time two Sundays ago. Micah is finally noticing the train, and seems to show great interest in it. Approaching the train station, he would track a moving train with his eyes. On the train, he would be very attentive, sometimes pensive but obviously observing his surroundings as if assessing or evaluating the experience.

It has been so fun watching Micah grow in all these areas. Happy 8 months birthday dear Micah! Mummy and daddy love you very much!

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