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October 21, 2008

Micah at 7 months!

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Mum writes:

What’s new this past month?

1. The eruption of the upper central incisors!
I was changing Micah the other day and noticed 2 fat ivory on his upper gum! The 2 upper teeth have erupted! I read that it is a major event in the life of an infant when hard teeth begin protruding into the soft sensitive gum. Congratulations Micah! You have four teeth now! We have to really think seriously about introducing the tooth brush soon.

2. Rolling over back and forth.
Micah first started rolling over from his back to his tummy and vice versa a couple of months ago, but he really begin to enjoy exercising this skill more recently. These days, if Micah sets his mind on a toy (or a “potential toy”) beyond reach, he would roll over multiple times in the direction of his target until he has the object in hand. Micah also practices his rolling skills for the fun of it. Last Saturday morning on my way out to teach, I left Micah on our bed for daddy to watch. Lo and behold, daddy fell asleep (!) woken up only by Micah’s gentle cooing; but Micah was nowhere to be found! Apparently Micah had rolled himself over a few times on the queen size bed, pushed the pillow (which supposedly acted as a “fence”) off the bed and landed himself on the floor too. When Liang found him, he was happily entertaining himself between the bed skirt and the pillow. We think he probably landed on the pillow first so there was minimal impact (phew!). Micah has also decided to roll over and sleep on his tummy sometimes. He seems to like that quite a lot.

3. Sitting up straight.
Friends with young children have been telling me that as soon as your child begins to sit without support, he will start to crawl in no time and will be off everywhere but your arms to explore his ever-expanding universe. “Before you realize about it, the cuddly snuggly days will be over!”, so they say. Which explains why I haven’t really been encouraging Micah to sit, not to mention crawl! Yet, Micah has obviously been wanting to sit up more. If we unbuckle him on his stroller, he would sit up and lean forward for a different and broader view around him. We noticed that he would also lift his head off his car seat as much as he could so he gets to look out of the car windows on his right or left.

4. Tapping.
I’ve been trying to teach Micah to clap his hands. Micah finds it entertaining watching me clap. As for putting his own hands together, he would rather just tap for now. He enjoys tapping gently on you with one hand, or tapping with both hands on the table. I told Liang we should get him a hand drum – a bongo or something to that effect.

Our friend Alicia came by last weekend with her camera. It was quite a treat having the multi-talented Alicia taking pictures for Micah. We chose last Saturday for pictures partly because we had an unusually beautiful early-autumn type of weather then. Here are some pictures Alicia took at our home and at the toddler’s playground near where we live.

In fact Micah’s 7 months’ birthday also coincides with daddy’s 30th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both my big and small baby!

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