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September 29, 2008

An afternoon with Mum and Dad

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Dad writes:

After an unusually long afternoon nap, we decided to take Micah out to run some errands. We thought he would probably last a few hours since he had such a long nap. We managed to get quite a few things done which was great, but on the drive home, Micah quietly fell asleep in his car seat. He must have been really exhausted.

When we got home, he was still asleep so we both just sat in the car and waited. Micah eventually woke himself up about 15 minutes later and was in a much better mood after his little power nap.

Micah naps

Let me recharge...

Since it was still bright outside, we took him out to the playground and let him sit in the baby swing all by himself. He’s still a little too small for it, but he seemed to like it and gave us lots of wide smiles.

Look Im in a swing all by myself!

Look I'm in a swing all by myself!



Micah takes a little bit of rice cereal now everyday just to get him used to eating solid foods. I’m not sure he understands the concept of eating yet. The rice cereal we give him is just one of the many things he gets to “taste”. Here he’s trying out one of his (many) teething toys just before we started feeding him his real food. This was one that his Grandma gave to him when she was here a few months ago.

Hmm... this tastes good

Hmm... this tastes good

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