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September 11, 2008

Micah’s First “Formal” Music Lesson!

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Mum writes:

We had a Gymboree experience yesterday morning! It was a Music Class for ages 6 – 16 months. Even though Micah is two weeks shy of 6 months, I decided to sign up anyway to get a sense of how baby music classes are run at Gymboree Play and Music. It was a free class to mark the beginning of the Fall season, so we had nothing to lose!

There were five babies with moms. Though the youngest of all, Micah turned out to be one of the tallest babies, second only to a 14 month old girl. Micah was a little pensive at the start, but attentive and responsive as soon as he felt more warmed up to the new faces and surroundings. His favorite moment was probably when the song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” came up. We’ve been singing the song so much at home that Micah probably knows it all by heart. His little face not only lit up when the teacher started the tune, there was an obvious look of “understanding” in his eyes. The teacher did a good job in keeping all the babies occupied with different styles of songs, and introduced them to quite a variety of toy percussive instruments.

I think Micah had a great time, but we probably won’t go back at least for a while. I certainly think Micah can benefit from the peer stimulation and I did like the fact that the lessons were well structured. (E.g., the class started and ended with a “welcome” and “goodbye” song respectively. There was a song for “clearing away” the toys too). I can also imagine how routine repetition of the songs with movement on a weekly basis would help build a sense of security and breed confidence. 

However, 45 minutes of continuous sound and movement seems a little too intense for a 5 – 6 month old. The singing, drumming and jingling, as well as some fussing and crying (some of our little friends protested when toys were being removed from them) all added up to be somewhat loud at times. Micah showed some signs of weariness at the end of the class, though he cheered up as soon as we stepped out of the building into the open air. As far as the music is concern, We have been singing, dancing or tapping to different genres of music at home a lot already. We could probably use some toy percussive instruments too; so looking out for some infant musical instruments shall be mommy’s next assignment!

For positive peer influence, I think it would be quite sufficient for now just hang out at the playground or arrange to have play dates with other kids. Who knows, if I manage to gather enough toy instruments, we could even consider a routine 20 – 30 minutes “baby music time” with Micah’s and all his young friends here at our home. We’ll see…

All in all, it was still a wonderful experience at Gymboree. As soon as we got back from the event yesterday, Micah napped by himself again, slept soundly for more than 3 hours in the afternoon and woke up all happy and bubbly!

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  1. Hurray for Micah, keep taking him there. In no time he will be banging the drums like his daddy.

    Comment by ailin — October 9, 2008 @ 3:56 am | Reply

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