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August 30, 2008

All by himself

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Dad writes:

We’ve been consistently giving Micah the bottle at least once a day, usually in the evening when I’m home from work. The first few weeks, Micah was very reluctant to take the bottle and despite our best efforts, he would either push it away, spit out the milk or just refuse to open his mouth.

Recently however, Micah started to be a lot more cooperative about eating from the bottle. One night he gulped down 2 ounces in under 5 minutes… On most nights, he’ll usually finish the whole bottle unless he’s really tired and grumpy.

Although he hasn’t quite mastered it yet, Micah will sometimes take the initiative to hold the bottle all by himself. His hands are still a little wobbly and he can’t really hold on to the bottle for more than a few seconds. However, he does seem to take great pleasure in being able to feed himself though. I managed to catch a somewhat blurry picture of Micah as he was doing just that.

Micah feeds himself

Micah feeds himself

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