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August 21, 2008

5 Months Old

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Mum writes:

It is hard to believe that our baby is 5 months old! With Micah keeping us occupied all the time, weeks and months seem to whisked by at the blink of an eye.

Since Micah grew out of his infancy and became more responsive, taking care of him has been a much more rewarding experience. We have been constantly amazed by the growing knowledge of what a delightful baby God has blessed us with. Awake, Micah is either calm and peaceful but alert, or bubbly, giggly and all curious. He smiles and coos to mommy a lot, but often roll with laughter when playing with daddy. At the end of a long day, the house may look like we’ve just been visited by an earthquake and dinner may be late; Micah’s cute laughter and cheery demeanor brighten our day and make everything else seems insignificant.

We haven’t quite gotten round to charting every milestones, except making mental notes of Micah’s new discoveries daily. His birthday at 5 months may be a good opportunity to present the list in writing:

1. Discovered his voice and learned how to shriek and yell in excitement

It is fun to find Micah exploring his voice, particularly when he is all cheerful and excited. From time to time, though, we have to tell him in a whisper, “that’s a bit loud, Micah. No need to be too excited, OK”. One Sunday morning after the church service, Micah decided that greeting everyone with his bright smiles and his cute little “dance” in the stroller as usual just weren’t quite enough. To give his excitement its full expression, he needs to be vocal too. Thankfully our friends at church enjoyed his enthusiastic response and found it adorable. Micah definitely felt very well entertained by the positive reactions. Oh well, I guess it is OK for him to be loud in a busy and noisy environment. At some point, we may have to be firm about teaching him to exercise some restraint!

2. Discovered not only his hands, but his fingers too.

Over this past month, whenever we leave Micah alone in bed, in the bouncy seat or on the high chair, he would lift his hand or hands up high so he could inspect those cute little fingers, 5 fingers at a time, or sometimes all 10 at once. Micah has also been experimenting with what he can do with them besides using them to grab mommy’s hair or his toys. One morning, we were woken up by the sound of him scratching the fabric walls of his crib/play yard with his fingernails. This past week, Micah has also found out that by stretching his arm just a little higher, his hand would reach just above the forehead for him to scratch his head! So cute!

3. Picking up his feet with his hands and stuffing a foot in the mouth one at a time.

By far, the most charming tricks of all babies at Micah’s age is “eating the feet”. Micah has quite a strong sense of hand-eye-coordination by now. Leaving him on his back, he would readily pick up his legs, grab them by his hands and send them promptly into his mouth. The best thing is, he can grab his feet, munch on his toes and keep himself entertained for a good 15 to 20 minutes, which leaves mum and dad some time to put away dirty diapers and run a round of laundry.

Micah grabs his feet

Micah grabs his feet

Micah grabs his toes

Micah grabs his toes

Micah pops his feet into his mouth

Micah pops his feet into his mouth

4. “Standing” tall and “sitting” up.

Micah has been able to bear some weight on his legs before he was two months old. His leg muscles have grown much stronger now that he kicks them about all the time. Some say we have a soccer player in the making. We’ll wait and see!

We have been propping Micah up on the high chair way before he had the desire to sit up. Chun Liang and I decided that to be the only way we could have a sit down dinner together, with the baby in full view while we eat. Micah used to just sit back on the high chair looking all relaxed and comfortable. Well, over this past month, he has been wanting to lean forward while seated, as if getting himself ready to sit tall. One day, while I sat in lotus position on the couch chatting with a friend, I had propped Micah up in between my legs and facing my friend. Eager to greet our friend with his sweet smiles and expressive eyes, Micah sat up and looked on amicably for quite a while before tumbling forward. That was quite impressive for his age! Looking out enthusiastically for other children in the playground has also been a great motivation for Micah to straighten his back muscles and sit up by himself. For his excited parents, that’s reaching another new milestone for our baby!

We are so thankful for Micah, for (as someone once put it), making “love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankrolls smaller, homes happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten and the future worth living for”. It has been an extraordinary 153 days of challenges and exhilarating joy for us. As a family, we have also come to experience the Graciousness and Faithfulness of our great and mighty GOD in a brand new way. Happy 5 months old birthday Micah!

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