Being Micah

August 19, 2008

Back of Micah’s head

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Dad writes:

It’s been a busy week back at work for me after taking the whole of last week off, so I haven’t really had time to write much. I have been doing my best to be at home to be with with Micah, regardless of how much work I have to get done. 

I’ve noticed that most of the time that I spend with Micah involves me carrying him, face forward around the house. Sometimes he’ll sit on the counter top or the coffee table with his back to me (like in this picture). All this adds up to me getting to see the back of Micah’s head a lot more than these days, which I think is an interesting perspective to have of your child. He may not know that I’m there, but whenever he starts to wobble or tilt too far off balance, I can quickly reach out a hand to steady him.

Micah looks at an orange, grapefruit and a blue bottle

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