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July 3, 2008

Little milestones

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Dad writes:

It’s pretty typical for parents to want to keep a record of their baby’s milestone achievements, like their first steps, or first word. I think it’s just as fun to note the little milestones as well. They may seem insignificant, but they are indicators that Micah is progressing physically and mentally – which makes us all very happy. Here are a few of Micah’s most recent “little milestones”.

Little Milestone Number 1 – Sleep

Micah slept for close to 7 hours two nights ago, which was quite a pleasant surprise for all of us. He did fuss a little at around midnight, but he didn’t need to feed. I just rocked him back to sleep and he stayed asleep through the whole night.

Granted he hasn’t been able to repeat this feat since, but we’re at least confident that Micah is capable of it. With some help, he will learn to do this on a regular basis.

Little Milestone Number 2 – Bottle

This has been a tricky one for us. We’ve been trying for a while now, to get Micah to start feeding from a bottle with expressed milk. For some reason, he never really liked it and would just cry and not swallow anything. Frustrated, we finally went out to Babies-r-us and got a fairly expensive bottle that’s suppose to be more “natural”. After about 5 tries last night, he finally, very reluctantly, agreed to swallow from the new bottle and eventually finished all 2 ounces of expressed milk. We’re planning on doing this at least once a day, so that he gets used to it.

Little Milestone Number 3 – Waking up happy

This morning Christina nudged me out of bed when she noticed that Micah was up, but he wasn’t crying or fussing. In fact, he seemed to be entertaining himself quite happily. Somehow, Micah had managed to turn himself onto his tummy and was cheerfully chatting with the “Baby Einstein” “Leap Frog” caterpillar toy that we had strapped to the side of the bed. It’s nice to wake up to a happy baby for a change…

Baby talks to caterpillar

Little Milestone Number 4 – Hanging out with Dad

Since our Landlord was planning on visiting us tomorrow, we decided that we should probably clean up the apartment a little. I thought it would be a good idea for me to run to Target and buy one of those fairly inexpensive plastic drawers so that we had a place to put Micah’s growing collection of toys.

Since Christina was kind of tired of watching Micah all day, I decided to take him with me in the car. So I strapped him in his carseat and we headed out. This was the first time I’ve been out with Micah in the car without his mum, so he was all alone in the back seat. In the end, our little outing went really well and the apartment looks much less like a disaster area and more like an actual living space. We’ll see how long it stays that way.

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