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July 30, 2008

Summer Weekend

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Dad Writes:

Last weekend we had a few friends from out of town come over and visit us. Christina thought it would be nice to do some grilling on our balcony which has been quite underused this whole summer. So we went out and got a charcoal grill plus all the mandatory outdoor cooking utensils and then spent the rest of whatever time we had shopping and getting stuff ready. 

The weather turned out to be really nice and it we really enjoyed spending time with everyone. Micah also got to meet Izumi, the daughter of Matt and Yuko. Izumi is about 4 months older than Micah and is really cute. I’m not quite sure if Micah noticed that there was another baby around. He seemed mostly engrossed with trying to get his hands in his mouth (a habit he picked up recently). However, Izumi, being the older one was really sociable and would reach out and tap Micah on the head whenever she got a chance. 


Micah and Izumi

Micah and Izumi


We had lots of fun and it was great to be able to meet with everyone, some of whom we’ve not seen in quite a while. Kyle is always good with kids and he even took Micah for ride on his shoulders.


Kyle takes Micah for a ride

Kyle takes Micah for a ride

Many thanks to Alicia for helping out with the food and James for helping me start the grill. Kyle and Gigi, thanks for coming over to visit us, we hope to see you again soon!

July 25, 2008

Mommy’s First Blog

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Life with Micah has been an exciting mixture of consistency and spontaneity. We’ve been doing our best to enforce a routine night time schedule and at the same time, Micah has proven to be unpredictable when it comes to his day time sleeping hours.

The good news though, is that Micah has been sleeping through the night. Like most babies his age, after a good nights sleep, Micah will wake up at around 5:30am, all happy and cheery. After nursing, I’ll usually hit the bed again and tuck the all bubbly Micah right between a sleepy daddy and mommy.

Back in May when his grandparents were here, Micah received full attention from grandpa at the crack of dawn. He would hang out with grandpa for a good hour or two before taking his morning nap on grandpa’s chest. Thankfully, Micah was quick to realize that there is no way he would get the same kind of pampering from his mum and dad. Instead of yelling for attention when he wakes up, sweet little Micah has been able to entertain himself, cooing and kicking before promptly moving right into a long morning nap. On a good day, his morning nap lasts till midday or later. Quite a dream baby!

Then comes the unpredictable part – Micah either takes another one or two short naps in the afternoon or none at all till daddy is home. Whenever he isn’t sleeping and if the weather permits, we’d go to the playground, take a walk at the mall in the stroller or meet with some families with young kids from our church. Micah loves seeing other babies and children, and has been giggling and laughing out loud a lot with or without company, partly a developmental milestone, partly inspired by the young friends he’s been seeing I think.

On days when it’s too hot, humid or raining, we’d stay inside, play the piano, dance to music, or simply enjoy each other as Micah giggles and “ah-goos” away. I snapped some pictures of Micah yesterday while he was doing just that – all cute and charming. That was also the first time I found Micah lying more comfortably than ever on his tummy, holding his head high while supporting himself happily on his elbows.



When I grow up...

When I grow up...

July 21, 2008

4 months

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Dad writes:

Micah is 4 months old today. We’re absolutely thrilled that we’ve made it this far without too much difficulty (although it was no walk in the park either). I couldn’t think of anything special to write about, so I decided to just snap a bunch of photos to commemorate his first four months of life.

Here’s Micah having his his late afternoon nap…

Micah Naps

Micah Naps

We’ve been having some difficulty getting him to nap in the afternoons, so it was really nice to have him sleep on his own today for a good few hours. After he got up, I sat Micah down in his high chair at which point he promptly stuck his fingers in his mouth.



Since I was hungry, I decided to have a bowl of cereal before attempting to do anything else. Micah always gives me this look when I’m eating, as if the whole idea of putting food into your mouth was somehow incredibly fascinating.

Looking inquisitively

Looking inquisitively

Not long after, he started to get fidgety…



…so we went out for a walk out to the lakefront since the weather was good. When we got home I put him on the couch for a while (because he’s heavy and my arms were tired) and since Micah looked like he was in a fairly good mood, I went and took some more photos.

On the couch 1

On the couch 1

the couch 2

On the couch 2

It’s hard to imagine how quickly four months have gone by. Although it’s been tiring, maybe even exhausting at times, Micah has proven to be a source of much joy in our lives. We’re looking forward with great anticipation to the coming months and years. Happy four month birthday Micah!

July 18, 2008

All Smiles

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Dad writes:

From all the books I’ve read, the “social smile” is suppose to happen around 3 months of age. Micah is just over 3 months (close to 4) and true to form, he has begun to be more generous with his smiles and will even venture a little giggle when he’s in a good mood.

It’s great to finally get some sort of positive feedback from the little kid. The first few weeks, Micah would cry when he’s unhappy and then just fall asleep when he’s not unhappy. Now at least, when he’s well rested, not hungry, dry and not too over stimulated, we’ll more than likely get a cute little smile out of him. Even though he can’t talk yet, his smile says “thank you” and that really makes it all worthwhile.

Thats my name

That's my name (Auntie Christine Tan made this T-shirt for me!)

July 16, 2008

I have feet

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Baby writes:

Nothing is out of reach if you have a good pair of legs and feet…

Micah in his bouncy seat

Micah uses his feet

Micah explores with his feet

Now hes all excited...

Now he's all excited...

July 14, 2008

Video Clip

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Dad writes:

Just as a follow up to my last post, here’s a video clip of Micah in his baby swing. You’ll see that he’s much more responsive now compared to a few months back and is able to swing his arms and actively reach for the blue sea lion and the yellow bear. It’s a lot of fun watching Micah explore his world.

July 12, 2008


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Dad writes:

Micah has been outgrowing everything really fast. All our friends at church, who usually get to see him once a week, have commented that he’s been getting pretty big for 3 month old. He’s also been getting noticeably heavier and a lot of his clothes are too small for him now.

Anyway, we have this baby swing that was lent to us which we haven’t used in a while. Yesterday I thought Micah might like to sit in it while I got some work done. Turns out he barely fits in it now. I took the opportunity to snap a picture of Micah and compared it to one that I took of him, in the same swing, about 2 months earlier.

Babies really do grow up quick.

Micah in is swing - May 13th, 2008

Micah in baby swing - May 13th, 2008

Micah in baby swing - July 11th 2008

Micah in baby swing - July 11th, 2008

July 11, 2008

7 hours

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Dad writes:

Micah slept for close to 7 hours straight last night, for real, no waking up or crying or fussing or anything. Just 7 hours of good solid sleep. We were kind of surprised to hear him talking to himself at around 6 in the morning and we were even more surprised when we realized that he hadn’t woken up all night. If he keeps this up, his parents will soon be able to get some good nights sleep.

July 9, 2008

Fingers in Mouth

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Dad writes:

Micah recently figured out how to stick his fingers in his mouth, all five of them at once! His motor skills and hand/eye coordination aren’t fully developed yet, so he has a tendency to miss his mouth most of the time. Whenever he’s on target, he has this beaming look of accomplishment on his face.

Fingers in mouth

July 5, 2008

Happy Fourth

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Dad writes:

We took Micah to see the 4th of July Fireworks in Evanston yesterday. We were a little worried at first, since he’s never ever seen or heard fireworks before, but we decided to go anyway. There’s got to a first time for everything right?

The fireworks were scheduled to start at 9.15pm, which is sort of Micah’s bed time. So to make up for it, we let him nap a little longer in the afternoon. The timing worked out pretty well. We set off from our apartment a little after 9pm and walked over about 4 blocks to the Lee Street Beach, which is just a little south from Clark Street Beach where the fireworks are launched.

It turned out to be a pretty good place to watch the fireworks. We were far enough so that it wasn’t too loud or frightening for Micah but at the same we could see most of the fireworks pretty well. It was a nice cool night and the beach wasn’t very crowded. Micah seemed pretty engaged for most of the show and didn’t fuss at all, even on the walk home.

He did end up sleeping pretty late that night. I guess it’s ok to let him break his schedule once in a while. It’s a national holiday after all…

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