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June 22, 2008

A bag of tricks

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Dad writes:

Sleep training has been going pretty well so far. Micah sleeps pretty well at night but is still kind of hard to handle in the day. Typically what happens is that he’ll nurse in mummy’s arms, or I’ll rock him to sleep in my arms. Either way, he falls asleep while being held. As soon as we try to put him down in his crib, he’ll wake up, cry, and we’ll have to pick him back up again to get him to sleep.

Recently we’ve been so tired in the day (especially Christina, since she gets so much less sleep than I do), that we’ve resorted to figuring out ways to trick Micah into thinking that he’s asleep in our arms. Christina actually figured out that with the right arrangements of pillows and blankets, Micah doesn’t know any better. 


He still sleeps pretty well on his back at night. I figure as long as someone is around to keep an eye on him during the day, he can nap whatever way he wants. Like any good parent, I’m guessing we’ll probably accumulate a bunch of tricks like this that we’ll be able to pull out the bag whenever we need to. I recall a conversation I recently had with another married couple that we’re good friends with. They had this idea that instead of trying to force their kids to eat their greens, they were just going to pretend that vegetables were a rare treat, like ice cream or candy or something. I wonder if that will really work…

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