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June 10, 2008

Sleep Training

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Dad writes:

We recently started sleep training, which has been quite an experience. Our pediatrician’s instructions were pretty brief but clear. Put Micah down in his crib, on his back, un-swaddled, drowsy but not yet asleep. We determined the best time to do this is around 9 or 10pm, after his last feeding. We’re suppose to leave him in his crib and to let him cry it out for 15 minutes, at which point we can pick him up, calm him, and then quickly put him down again. We’re then suppose to let him cry for 10 minutes before going back in to calm Micah down again, followed by 5 minute intervals of crying until he goes to sleep.

The very first night was sort of strange. Micah went to sleep without any fuss whatsoever. Unfortunately the second and third nights were much more difficult. We couldn’t really figure out why, but Micah cried his lungs out, eventually falling asleep only after about 45 minutes. It was really upsetting to have to see him so sad. He has little baby tears streaming down his chubby cheeks and his voice was horse from all that yelling. The only other time he’s ever cried that hard was when he got his immunization shots. Sigh…

Yesterday and today we saw huge improvements. Micah went to sleep all on his own, whining only a little at the beginning. It’s nice to be able to have him sleep while we take care of stuff. Looks like he’ll eventually learn to put himself to bed without any help from us, which is a small but reassuring indication that he’s growing up. 

I wonder if I’ll miss rocking him to bed though. He’s does look all cute and cuddly when he’s sound asleep in your arms.

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  1. Woah ! Very canggih. Never heard this b4 in Malaysia…. Hmmm maybe i try for Kiddo No 2. But must be very difficult lah to persevere thru it…. Glad it paid dividends for you guys.

    OK Lo ciauz keep blogging v. interesting read

    Comment by Derek W — June 20, 2008 @ 4:14 am | Reply

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