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May 29, 2008

Toys (Part 1)

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Daddy writes:

You have to be pretty creative to come up with an idea for a baby toy. Micah’s been collecting quite a few of them lately, thanks in part to his Mum’s talented Freecycle scouting skills, some savvy curbside shopping by a few of our good friends and of course, all the stuff we were showered with at Christina’s, well, baby shower(s).

So anyway, I was checking out all these fancy kid’s toys and I noticed some really interesting ones. I thought I’d make an attempt to document some of these and maybe categorize them into different groups. So here goes.

This first “species” I’ve dubbed as the “something-stuck-in-something else toy” or for those of you who like acronyms, the S.S.I.S.E. toy. This one is really weird to me, but the basic design it pretty similar. It’s basically an object that has another smaller object “imprisoned” in it. For example:



At first I thought it was some sort of puzzle, you know, like the a rubik’s cube, but it’s not. You can try all you like, but there is absolutely no way you can the smaller object out of the bigger object – it’s stuck. I suppose that’s a good thing, since the tiny caged in bell is a potential choking hazard. Still, the whole thing just feels like a really cruel joke to play on a 3 month old.

Has anyone else come across this kind of baby toy? I’d like to hear/see what other iterations there might be of the SSISE toy…


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