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May 6, 2008

An English Encounter

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Dad writes:

Yesterday we had a chance to meet up with a couple of Christina’s friends from her student days over in the UK. Graham and Chris Hilton happened to be in town and we were both excited to meet them. Christina and the Hiltons went to Carey Baptist Church in Reading, UK. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with them over Papa John’s pizza and Tiramisu cake. Under normal circumstances, we would have probably cooked a meal and had some decent food, but I think everyone enjoyed the somewhat casual dining experience.

In fact, the Hiltons are the first formal visitors we’ve had over in a long time. I was a little nervous at first, wondering how Micah would behave and whether or not we would be able to sit down and have a decent conversation.

Things actually turned out better than expected. Micah was up for about a half and hour or so when the Hilton’s arrived and he was all happy and smiley (like he usually is with visitors). We managed to take a few photos of Micah with his new friend “Spencer Bear” (a gift from Graham and Chris) which is in fact his second teddy bear gift so far.

Soon after, Micah started to fuss so Christina took him upstairs to feed while I chatted with our guests. Not long after, Christina came back down, the pizza arrived and we all sat down for dinner. Micah fussed a little around 8pm so I went up, rocked him in my arms for about a half hour and then put him down to sleep.

After that we were both able to sit and talk for a good two hours while Micah slept upstairs. We had the baby monitor close by just in case, but other than a couple of squeaks every now and then, Micah stayed sound asleep.

All in all, I thought the evening went really well. Christina and me got to take turns looking after Micah and entertaining our guests at the same time and I think we make a good team. I feel like we’re taking small steps to becoming a functional family unit. Soon we’ll be able to get outside, maybe take a walk to the lake, go to church on Sundays, meet up with friends… all very exciting stuff.

I guess it’s all about figuring a good system that each family member is comfortable with. We never really had a chance to do that since we’ve had relatives over helping us for the last 6 weeks. Now that we’re on our own, we’re forced to really make things work.

We’re still not perfect. This morning we ran out of wet wipes in the middle of a rather large pooping session which was kind of annoying. I had to run out to the grocery store to get more supplies which I really should have done sooner. It’s a learning process I guess but I like to think that we’re on the right track.

Hitons and Micah

Hiltons and Chans

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  1. Hi Christina,Chun and Micah

    We have just seen ourselves on the web – wow what technology! We think the blog is a great idea and had a wonderful time looking at “The life of Micah”. I hope he is on solids now otherwise he won’t have any toes left to walk on! You all look really well and obvously not living off Pizza everyday. Thanks for your e-mail and comments ref KK. We are determineed to see if we can get up the highest mountain in SE Asia and promise to send yu a picture from the top.

    Lots of love you. We pray for you often

    Graham & Chris

    Comment by Graham & Chris — August 26, 2008 @ 6:40 am | Reply

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