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May 4, 2008

Goodbye, we’ll miss you

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Baby writes:

Today grandpa and grandma left for home. They’ve been here with us for six whole weeks and we’ll really miss them. Thanks for coming all this way and for taking care of mum and dad while they took care of me. We hope to see you again soon. Have a safe flight and take care!

I’m 6 weeks old

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Baby writes:

It’s been 6 whole weeks already – time really does fly. So many new things to see, so much stuff to figure out, it’s quite a trip. Mostly I just eat and sleep though. I get really hungry every two hours and mum and dad don’t get much sleep because of me. My stomach is only about the size of a large chicken egg though, so who can blame me?

I’m letting mummy leave the house to go run errands every now and then. She can’t be gone for more than two hours though, that’s as long as I can go without any food. Dad keeps me company when mum’s out and about. He’s cool, although I wish he could feed me when mum’s not around.

The best time of day for everyone is when I’m sound asleep…zzz…

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