Being Micah

May 3, 2008


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Dad writes:

So I finally managed to get a blog of baby Micah up and running. I figured that since all his uncles, aunts, grandparent and other relatives live so far away, it would be nice to blog about our new lives as parent(s) and child.

They say 6 weeks is a milestone for a newborn baby. Honestly, it feels more like 6 days. The first few weeks were like a roller-coaster, one moment you’re absolutely exhilarated, the next moment you’re just dead tired and exhausted.

Slowly but surely, we’re starting to feel like we can be “normal” human beings again. I’ve been able to go back to work and actually get stuff done, mum has had a chance to go out of the house a couple of times and we even managed to all drive to JC Penney to get our photos taken with Micah’s grandparents. Our next goal is to start going back to church on Sundays again and maybe be on worship team like we used to.

One thing about having a baby is that it kind of makes you think back to your own childhood. I grew up watching sesame street and I came across this one of Grover monster. He makes prepositions so much fun.


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  1. gosh, this brings back memories hahaha

    Comment by weichun — January 31, 2009 @ 12:20 am | Reply

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